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About me

As a webdeveloper I came across so many people that were not aware of the basics of Search Engine Optimization, which strikes me every time. Especially because the basics are not so hard and will help every entrepreneur to not only get higher on Google, but also makes your website more clear.

I saw a lot of faces become happy after me explaining them why their website was not popping up on Google. Most of the times, this is because entrepreneurs are not getting in the mind of their potential clients. Once you start to think of how potential clients would search, you can start a whole new and focussed strategy.

A lot of clients got more energy after having the tools and knowledge to get higher in Google. The only thing I saw was, that it was still too much information too take action. Also if you read blogs about SEO you can find so much that it freezes you to start because where to start? That’s why I wanted to make a guided training for entrepreneurs to optimize their website in weekly classes. This way people are not getting overloaded with information and can do their SEO in small practicle steps.