Rock your keywords

Optimize your website with this fun SEO class that will maximize your traffic in less than an hour.

Tired of not getting on top of the Google search results?

Loved it! Basics of SEO explained in a simple way with examples from real life. Marjet gives a list of useful tools and even shows how to get to Google Keywords Planner without creating ads (I’ve spent a lot of time searching for this!). Thanks a lot, great course! Maria Kurganova

It’s time to Rock your keywords.
When it comes to your SEO are you currently …

  • Feeling completely overwhelmed when it comes to figuring out in order to get on top in the Google search results?
  • Wasting time on searching for the best SEO tips that don’t really seem to be getting you anywhere?
  • having no idea where to start?
Excellent presentation!! I have tried several other SEO classes that made me want to take a nap, but this one is engaging and very helpful. Andrea Marincil

High yield, sensible and clear. The finest, most logical set of lectures. Marjet comes across as a born teacher. Excellent class. Sibtul Hasnain

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If so, don’t worry! Because by the end of this 50 min intensive workshop you’ll:

  • Know the basics to get on top of the Google search results
  • Know exactly how to prioritize what needs to get done to start SEO
  • Understand what to focus on with SEO to optimize your content
  • Start boosting your business with traffic from potential clients