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€ 16

Terrarium workshop: Make your own terrarium!

A mini-terrarium workshop: Having a bit of green around brightens your day. Green Little Secrets is about creating your own bottle garden, a little terrarium. Not only are they visually attractive, but the plants used in this training also carry a special meaning. Be sustainable with your bottles and learn how to make your own mini terrariums!

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€ 25

How to use Google Analytics to set your SEO strategy

You must have heard about Google Analytics once in your life, but did you know how helpful it can be for SEO? Google Analytics can help you with setting a strategy to get more customers to your website, by analyzing behavior! Learn more about how Google Analytics can help you in this training.

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€ 35

Keyword Research and Website Optimization

Do you want more visitors to your website? Have you tried SEO, but no succes yet? Follow this training! During this training you will learn how to do keyword research and how you can optimize your website.

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€ 35

How to get domain authority by linkbuilding and other elements

The judgment of Google is very important for the ranking of your website in the search results. But.. what is this judgment based on? Well, the relevance of your website for the field it belongs to matters a lot. Ever heard of domain authority? During this training you will learn what it is and how to make your website relevant for Google!

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